We offer testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) to assure that an HVAC system is providing maximum occupant comfort at the lowest energy cost possible.

The following tips are included for initial planning.

Pre-planning for TAB work includes making certain that all the necessary parties and individuals to conduct the work are onboard. The type of building and systems to be tested and a realistic evaluation of what skills the TAB technician possesses are key planning elements.

Occasionally, a system cannot be balanced or made to perform in accordance with the contract’s design specifications regardless of the number of balancing dampers or valves that can be installed. Our Competent TAB technicians are prepared for this possibility and work with the appropriate individuals to formulate recommendations as part of the final TAB report.

It should be made clear that the TAB work is not “commissioning.” Most commissioning services are completed by firms having technicians experienced with each of the individual building systems—HVAC, lighting, plumbing, electrical, and security systems.