Our company is committed to offering leading edge services and products for low energy buildings. We offer robust and practical solutions to help you save energy and water and minimize the environmental impact of your building project.

We offer technical support and advice on a wide range of products – from high performance timber windows & doors to water saving WCs & urinals.

Our company is at the forefront of introducing Green Building consulting, engineering design and construction services to the clients.

The concept of Sustainable Design is related to Green Building Design, and involves the use of techniques that are in conformity with nature, rather than against it. It involves a dynamic change in the way we design our modern structures and systems to ensure the sustainability of the resources and the eco-system.

We are award winning sustainability consultants on the design and certification of sustainable buildings. We offer advice through design and construction, providing optimum operation and maintenance strategies resulting in efficient buildings that deliver long term cost and operational benefits impacting positively on profitability.

Every project we undertake builds towards a sustainable future. We advise clients how to optimize the sustainable use of resources, while reducing costs and environmental impact. We present our solutions in a commercial context to justify the business case and give our clients a competitive edge.