Hybrid/combined power systems combine two or more energy conversion mechanisms, or two or more fuels for the same mechanism, that when integrated, overcome limitations inherent in either. Renewable Energy systems provide a high level of energy security and reliability through the integrated mix of complementary generation methods, and often will incorporate a storage system (storage tank, battery, fuel cell) or fossil-fueled power generation to ensure consistent supply.

We offer the following combinations for increasing the reliability and efficiency of the required systems

  • Solar Thermal + Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal + Absorption Chiller (cooling)
  • Solar Thermal + Geothermal Heat Pump (cooling/heating)
  • Diesel + Solar PV (Stand alone off grid system)
  • Solar PV+ Battery Backup (Stand alone off grid system)
  • Solar PV + Wind
  • Solar PV + Hydropower Storage (for utility scale projects)

We can design your own hybrid system based on the availability of renewable resources at your site.